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What is PowerProtect?

PowerProtect is a plan that extends the standard Powerboard® 1 year warranty and expands it to include accidental damage as well as manufacturers defects.

(Q) Doesn’t the Powerboard® already come with a 1 year warranty?

(A) Yes, Powerboard comes with a 1 year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. PowerProtect extends this coverage to include accidental damage as well.

(Q) What coverage options are available?

(A) We offer two levels of PowerProtect coverage.

2 years from purchase date for $100

3 years from purchase date for $140

(Q) What does it cover?

(A) PowerProtect will protect your Powerboard® from accidental damage, loss of battery capacity over 20% and any manufacturing defects.

(Q) What doesn’t it cover?

(A) PowerProtect DOES NOT cover cosmetic damage, damage caused intentionally, or a lost or a stolen Powerboard®.

(Q) Can I buy PowerProtect later?

(A) No. PowerProtect must be purchased along with a Powerboard® and only applies to the Powerboard® that it was purchased with.

(Q) When does coverage begin/end?

(A) Coverage begins immediately on the date you purchase your Powerboard® and PowerProtect. Depending on the chosen PowerProtect plan, coverage ends on the anniversary date of your purchase at midnight UTC.

(Q) I need to make a claim, how do I do it? Can I get a new board every month?

(A) Call the number on the back of your user’s manual. You must retain your email receipt for coverage.

Coverage can be used up to 2 times, and the only cost is shipping to the Powerboard® service center.


For more details please see: Full Terms