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Are POWERBOARD® by HOVERBOARD® units safe from fires?

Our Powerboard® by HOVERBOARD® uses a top of the line charger which is fused, has a safe connector, and have ground fault protection. The battery itself has a state-of-the-art Battery Control Module which prevents overloading/overheating and is the same battery used in automotive hybrid vehicles and is held to the highest quality standards. Your POWERBOARD® will not catch fire under normal use. (ex. running over a campfire is not normal use)

How long does the battery last on a full charge?

Our manual states 6 hours, but you may experience more or less depending on how you ride it and if you charged it completely.  Based on our Amazon reviews, users are finding our batteries have the longest run-time on the market today.

What is PowerProtect and why would I want it?

Let’s face it, the Powerboard® is the most competitively priced product on the market for the quality you are purchasing, it’s a decent investment. PowerProtect is an extended warranty and insurance plan to protect that investment.

PowerProtect is a plan that extends the standard POWERBOARD® 1 year warranty and expands it to include accidental damage as well as manufacturer’s defects.

(Q) Doesn’t the Powerboard® already come with a 1 year warranty?

(A) Yes, Powerboards® come with a 1 year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. PowerProtect extends this coverage to include accidental damage as well.

(Q) What coverage options are available?

(A) We offer two levels of PowerProtect coverage.

     2 years from purchase date for $99.95
     3 years from purchase date for $139.95

(Q) What does it cover?

(A) PowerProtect will protect your Powerboard® from accidental damage, loss of battery capacity over 20% and any manufacturing defects.

(Q) What doesn’t it cover?

(A) PowerProtect DOES NOT cover cosmetic damage, damage caused intentionally, or lost or stolen Powerboards®.

(Q) Can I buy PowerProtect later?

(A) No. PowerProtect must be purchased along with a Powerboard® and only applies to the Powerboard® that it was purchased with.

(Q) When does coverage begin/end?

(A) Coverage begins immediately on the date you purchase your Powerboard® and PowerProtect. Depending on the chosen PowerProtect plan, coverage ends on the anniversary date of your purchase at midnight UTC.

(Q) I need to make a claim, how do I do it? Can I get a new board every month?

(A) Call the number on the back of your user’s manual. You must retain your email receipt for coverage.

Coverage can be used up to 2 times, and the only cost is shipping to the Powerboard® service center.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Sorry, no we do not currently ship outside of the USA.

Can I pay using Paypal or over the phone?

Sorry, but we do not accept any payment types except payment using Amazon Payment Services.  They’re the best in the business and the level of safety, security, and fraud prevention they offer you, we feel makes our customers ultra-safe.

(Q) Can I return my board for a full refund?
(A) No, all sales are final.

(Q) I see the price is different than when I purchased mine. Can I receive a refund for the difference?
(A) As with all products, Powerboard® prices are due to change at any time. We are unable to refund the difference in current pricing.

Before calling Customer Support, please have your order number ready.

Prior to calling Customer Service for exchange / refund please have the following information available:

If you purchased your board from the Powerboard® Website?

  • What is your 4 or 5 digit order number?
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • What is the reason for exchange? (example: battery or charging issue, red circle light, wheels out of alignment, not working after crash, sensors not working properly, turns off randomly)

If you purchased your board from a mall kiosk:

  • What is the MID number that shows on your receipt? (4 digit number)
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • What is the reason for exchange? (example: battery or charging issue, red circle light, wheels out of alignment, not working after crash, sensors not working properly, turns off randomly)

Exchange Process:

  1. Once you have submitted an exchange request, we will process your request within 48 hours.
  2. At this time, we may ask for some additional information from you.
  3. If your exchange request is approved, you will need to send the board to us (we will provide the address at that time).
  4. If we are able to fix the board then we will have it fixed and returned to you. Please allow 7-10 days for the repair.
  5. If we are unable to repair the board, we will send you a replacement board at no cost to you.